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Passion for health

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern health is truly in the air, as it is particularly clean here. But the healthcare sector is also a strong economic factor, with one in five people working in the health industry. Private- and public-sector players drive innovation and conduct medical research at the cutting edge.


With over 35 years of experience and around 2,000 members of staff, Ypsomed is one of the most important medical technology companies in the field of administering liquid medication. Ypsomed produces injection and infusion systems for reliable and simple self-medication for people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma, migraines and many other auto-immune diseases.
As a leader in innovation and technology, it is the preferred partner of pharmaceutical and biotech companies for pen injectors, autoinjectors and pump systems. The Swiss medical technology company is represented in Schwerin with a high-tech production facility and has a global network of production locations, subsidiaries and distribution partners in Europe, Asia and America.




CENTOGENE has committed itself to the research and diagnosis of rare diseases. (Image: CENTOGENE GmbH)

CENTOGENE is committed to the diagnosis and research of rare diseases. The company works with transformative clinical, genetic and multi-omic real-world data to facilitate the diagnosis, understanding and treatment of rare diseases.
The aim of the company is to enable rationally justified treatment decisions and accelerate the development of new orphan therapies with the use of its comprehensive database and expertise. CENTOGENE has its own global platform of rare diseases.




The stents by the Warnemünde-based medical engineering company CORTRONIK are in demand around the world. (Image: CORTRONIK GmbH)

CORTRONIK GmbH from Rostock-Warnemünde has revolutionised cardiology. On the one hand, its medical stent for expanding blood vessels shows the best clinical data worldwide, and on the other hand, the company developed a magnesium stent that does not remain in the body but is broken down within a number of months. Both administer dosed medication using a special coating, which additionally promotes the healing process of the artery. CORTRONIK cooperates very closely with the University of Rostock, and research is an important element of the company’s activities.


Recuperative and spa forest

Our health demonstrably benefits from time spent in the forest. The forest air is low in dust and allergens, which means it has a positive effect especially for people with respiratory, cardiac and circulatory diseases. At the same time, the peacefulness and beauty of nature can help support the treatment of orthopaedic illnesses and psychosomatic illnesses such as depression. 

Spa forest Bad Doberan

Beneficial for body and soul: the healing forest in Bad Doberan. (Image:TMV/Krauss)

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a pioneer in the therapeutic use of forests. In 2017, Europe’s first recuperative and spa forest was opened at the Heringsdorf Baltic resort on the island of Usedom, and Germany’s first recuperative forest for children followed suit there in 2021. There are now five official recuperative and spa forests in the state, which are certified according to strict criteria. Additional such forests are being planned and implemented.


Friedrich Loeffler Institute

Friedrich Loeffler Institute

Animal health in focus: the Friedrich Loeffler Institute on the island of Riems. (Image: FLI/Mandy Jörn)

Friedrich Loeffler Institute, the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health (FLI), is among the most state-of-the-art research facilities for animal health in the world. The work of the FLI is centred around the health and wellbeing of agricultural livestock and the protection of people against zoonoses, i.e. infections transmissible between animals and humans. Researchers aim to understand pathogens and develop vaccines and countermeasures that can stop the spread of epidemics.


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